Human Ranger, Mentally touched, and CG


Human Ranger
Approximately 35 years old
Medium build with long hair (often noted to change color/length) and a bushy/unkempt beard

Most of the time he will be wearing leather armor, boots, and a heavy green cloak


Anvrik was sent from his forest sanctuary to the outside world by his Gods and whatever force he perceives to be the essence of “good” that fuels his Gods to balance the universe.
He believes that his one purpose is to not only defeat a great evil but any small evils that he comes into contact with.
His past before his time as a hermit in the forest is unknown to him at this time and he has little understanding of cultural norms such as not being naked, taking vases filled with coffee and cream, and being genuinely confused when comparing animal habits to humans.

As backwards and strange as he seems he also speaks several languages, is proficient in music, and is able to understand things quickly. He attributes this to having been “touched by his Gods and the raw good that fuels all good things”.


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