Safety First

Part 1: Daggerford (Sessions 1-7)

Kenku Mercenaries and Myconoid Spores

Set at a crossroads between wilderness and civilization, Daggerford is the financial heart of the Sword Coast and the meetingplace for our adventurers. Anton Maystone, a high official in the Daggerford elite, holds an annual gala for up-and-coming new residents and visitors of the town, and this year four of the esteemed guests were Kailesis, Anvrik, Skreet, and Aerith. The gala was pleasant enough until it was abruptly attacked by a flock of kenku mercenaries who made off with the Sword Coast Traders Bank’s most prized possession: the key to the inter-dimensional bank vault itself.

Anton hired the party to investigate the attack. In the process, the four new coworkers:

  • encountered a roguish dwarf who called himself The Magpie (or Maggie to his friends)
  • explored a forgotten thieves’ den, now populated by friendly sentient fungi called Myconoids, in order to retrieve a set of illusion cards that they (mostly) kept for themselves
  • joined the prestigious Rose Hall society for the Daggerford elite
  • purchased the freedom (thanks to Kailesis) of a dragonborn creature-of-the-night with budding druidic potential who just wanted to see his family again
  • stole the birth certificate of their employer Anton and framed the kenku. They stole a locket with his parents’ photo too, but that one they returned
  • escaped from taxidermy zombies in the aforementioned Rose Hall, and then promptly burned down the building
  • mourned the death of Lady Belinda, a paladin of Waukeen and her horse Ironstrider after she was murdered by her original captor, the human trafficker Thraias Fallkoril
  • defeated a vile Executive Assistant who worked for George Rowley, a cunning, cruel investor who planned to take over the Bank for himself
  • took out nearly an entire flock of kenku mercenaries working for Maggie
  • Avoided the overtly-trapped hunting lodge of Mr. Rowley, taking down him and his hunting dogs and inheriting the lodge from a grateful Lady Morwen

After the final confrontation with Rowley, Aerith and Skreet were called to their respective homes; shortly thereafter, Kailesis and Anvrik met Meowser and Thorik, two travelers from the east who came bearing a couple mysterious dragon-headed platinum coins — identical to the one that the party found amongst Rowley’s possessions.

While receiving honors from Lady Morwen, baroness of Daggerford, the party was interrupted by the frantic psychic yelps of Starling, a pseudodragon familiar of Sir Darshon, an elf older than Daggerford itself. Rushing to his aid, the party fended off a contingent of nothics, the barely-living, secret-hoarding remanants of wizards gone mad. Sir Darshon was not suprrised that the party had intervened when they did, and told them the legend behind the dragon-head coins:

“Many years ago, a blue dragon who called himself Soros the Indigo approached the king of the fledgling empire of Athalantar, offering protection from hobgoblin and orc incursions if they paid him the occasional tribute. He offered to train their soldiers and manage their finances as well — blue dragons are naturally suited to such things. After a time, the dragon became more of a threat than the outside incursions themselves, becoming a mafia-style don of the empire. They say Soro’s guards became immensely loyal to him and became an army in and of itself. But that’s beyond the point. Eventually Soros became so wealthy that his horde became unwieldy. He decided to melt down his supply into coins, stamped with his face on one side and tail on the other. Dragons are rather vain, you know. He hired the treasurer of the Stag King to mint them for him, having already minted the coins of a great kingdom, but this man was greedy himself — on 10 of the coins, he inscribed a piece of a map to the dragon’s hidden horde. This treacherous man gave one coin to 10 friends and relatives to hold onto until he was able to slip away from the dragon, who would undoubtedly kill him, but failed; the dragon found out, and in his rage, destroyed the entirety of the Stag King’s domain. The remains of the kingdom were trapped beneath the rubble, never to be found again, and the coins disappeared into circulation. Strangely, though, these coins seemed to have resurfaced. I picked one up from the dwarven jeweler not two weeks ago, and he told me you lot had one as well. Then these two rolled into town not but a day ago, and they too have one. I believe something has woken up in the ruins and is calling us to it. Who is calling? The stag king himself? The dragon’s ghost? The guards? Your guess is as good as mine. My part of the prophecy was to invite the woodsman, the tiger, the smith, and the sailor to coffee. I’m too old to run around fighting evil; I’ve got my garden to tend, my city to look after, and my patroness to appease.”

After discussing with Sir Darshon, the party left for Bryntal to free the people from its tyrannical king — and find out more about those platinum dragon coins in the process.



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