Welcome to the Sword Coast!

You guys can edit everything you see here — I’m just throwing stuff on here to get started.

Session Recaps

The “Adventure Log” at left includes session recaps grouped together (i.e. sessions 1-7, etc.) to remind everyone of key events. In the future, each individual session will get its own recap.


The party has encountered over 70 NPCs, so although I’ll try my best to get them all on there eventually, I’ll start with the smaller ones. (You guys can add them too, if you want!) If you’re searching for one in particular, I tag everything with meeting location and species. Feel free to add pictures of the characters!


Each location you guys have visited will receive its own Wiki page with links to important characters and other locations. So far, the locations (in alphabetical order) are:
BryntalDaggerford Hellack SilverymoonStormfjordWestern PlainsYartar

Maps and Other Images

The official “Maps” page only allows me to upload one map at a time, so you’ll find maps and other images embedded in their respective Wiki articles, or in the overall “Media Library” section.

Safety First

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