Yartar, located on the Dessarin River, is one of the largest settlements on the Sword Coast, and slightly larger than Daggerford with about 5,000 residents. The city is divided up into three districts: Drydock where commoners and blue-collar workers live and work; Mournetown, the opulent home of the Mourne family and the largest temple to Sune on the Sword Coast; and Villa Montanina, a community of expats from the region of Calimsham far to the south. The city has two primary industries: barge building and mercenaries. For the latter, once a year a Shieldmeet occurs, essentially a giant auction/festival showing off martial might and selling it to the highest bidder. City guards are generally doubled during that period.


Yartar is predominantly human, along with a significant number of half-elves due to the city’s proximity to Silverymoon. Dragonborn are rare, and halflings avoid the town unless visiting Heartwarder Hall. Yartar is also noteworthy in that it contains a sizeable population of genasi (i.e. humanoids with some sort of elemental blood in their family history) which are otherwise quite rare. The Montanina family has a high concentration of fire genasi, whereas the Waterbaron’s family is, as expected, made of water genasi. There used to be a population of storm genasi as well, but only one relative is left at this point.

Noteworthy Individuals:

  • Calrin Traeger: middle-aged cleric of Kelemvor (lawful neutral god of the dead) and keeper of the Memory Garden cemetery. His hobbies include exorcism and trying to refine his social skills by casting “speak with animals” on the squirrels and crows that occasionally visit the cemetery.
  • Saasuri, cleric of Sharess, and her leopard companion Vivacity
  • Teya Banner, head of the bargebuilders’ union, and her daughter Sania
  • The Waterbaron, water genasi mayor descended from the Marid who created the town ages ago. He has two children – the son runs a river transportation service from Stormfjord to Yartar, and the daughter manages the stretch between Yartar and Silverymoon. He’s a powerful spellcaster, owing to his bloodline, and his awareness of his own capabilities makes him immensely self-absorbed. If a matter isn’t connected to expanding his city’s trade relations or productivity, he’s not interested – that’s what the bureaucracy is for.
  • Weslar Mourne: the oldest son (of 9 children) of the prestigious Mourne family. He is a devout paladin of Sune, and regularly makes pilgrimages to spread the word of love and beauty to dangerous, desolate regions.
  • Xanistae the Gentle: the high priestess of Sune, who was recently imprisoned and impersonated by a lamia.



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