Daggerford is one of the largest towns on the Storm Coast, located on the River Delimbiyr, south of Waterdeep, north of the Misty Forest and not far from the coastline itself. Several canals cut through the city, eventually convening into a modest port district. The rest of the city is divided up into several disricts: the market district, where most everything is located, including the Sword Coast Traders Bank; the Side Streets, the more run-down area of town where plenty of trade still occurs – it’s simply not of the legal variety; the Duchess’s castle, off-limits to anyone not explicitly invited; and the Tannery outside of town, where the city’s second-biggest industry of tanning is managed in a sprawling complex. Most of the leather comes from the cattle town of Triboar to the north. The party’s exploits in Daggerford are listed in the [[Part 1: Daggerford (Sessions 1-7) | first entry of the Adventure Log]].


Since its founding about 300 years ago, Daggerford has been ruled by a hereditary duke or duchess appointed originally by the lords of Waterdeep. Today, that duchess is Lady Morwen Daggerford. The duchy is required to swear fealty to Waukeen, the patron goddess of the commerce-focused town, though Lady Morwen’s family also has great respect for Siamorphe, goddess of royalty and divine right. The Sword Coast Traders Bank holds arguably even more sway than the ruling family, however.


The town is home to about 3,000 residents. The vast majority of the population is human, though there are a noteworthy number of gold dwarves who live in Daggerford as well due to its reputation as a financial hub in the region. There are plenty of residents and travelers alike who are happy to pay for a gold dwarf’s skills. Additionally, a number of halflings also live in town, primarily in agricultural support roles or fulfilling spiritual needs.

The Sword Coast Traders Bank

The Sword Coast Traders Bank is a wholly unique institution on the Sword Coast; without it, Daggerford would be little more than a frontier village. For a nominal monthly fee, any individual with significant assets can store their money and/or items in the bank, and it can be transferred to a designated individual (no matter where in the world they may be) instantly. The technology is safe and trusted, and for the naysayers, each and every cent is backed by Lady Morwen’s obscenely rich family in Daggerford, making it a very low-risk way to store one’s hard-plundered cash. Its functioning is a closely-guarded secret, but rumors say there’s something to do with a two-part key…

Other Notable locations:

  • The Rose Hall: Social club for the highest of Daggerford high society. It has since burned down, and no plans have been made to renovate i.
  • Farmers’ Co-Op: Previously run by the Wheatberry family of Hellack, this shop also burned down recenly, but was renovated by Eshkis and Ronrik Sternhorn, and their father is now a modest greengrocer.


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