Bryntal is an incredibly new town for Sword Coast standards, having been founded only a couple decades ago by a so-called King Solero as a way to damage the druidic energy pulsing beneath the city square and make obscene amounts of money in the meantime.

Bryntal was founded on top of a druidic holy site: a network of limestone caves that were created by a natural healing spring. Many of the druids were tortured to death, and their spirits haunted the caverns until the adventurers put them to rest.

Now cleansed of its dictator, Bryntal is rebuilding itself as a flourishing agricultural community where the residents work with the land, not against it. A benevolent Couatl, freed from his imprisonment, watches over the settlement now.

Notable residents of Bryntal include Eshkis Sternhorn, his brother Ronrik Sternhorn, and the demon-baker Pyriel.


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