Tag: Daggerford


  • Part 1: Daggerford

    Set at a crossroads between wilderness and civilization, Daggerford is the financial heart of the Sword Coast and the meetingplace for our adventurers. [[Anton Maystone]], a high official in the Daggerford elite, holds an annual gala for up-and-coming new …

  • Maggie

    Was the leader of a band of devil-birds known as Kenku who make dog noises and catch children to eat. (Probably) Killed almost all of his Kenku followers but one survived thanks to the dark of the Universe.

  • Alaname Daventhall

    Alaname is nothing if not devoted. After her husband [[:andrew-daventhall | Andrew]] was cursed with werewolf lycanthropy about fifteen years ago, she sold off their substantial assets in the alchemical industry and slowly disappeared from Waterdhavian …

  • Andrew Daventhall

    Somewhere between the size of a timber wolf and a dire wolf, but much more charming, is the werewolf Andrew Daventhall. Andrew was cursed with lycanthropy about 15 years ago, and relies on a medication prepared by his wife [[:alaname-daventhall | Alaname …