Vakgar the Tusked

Half-Orc Barbarian and Malar Fanatic


Vakgar of the Broken Tusk Horde knows there are three things required to keep his people happy:

  • Regular tribute from travelers passing through their lands
  • Respect for, and wariness of, the dangers of the surrounding area, including poisonous beasts and plants of the Venomwood – and the corrupt scoundrels in Yartar
  • The pursuit of the highest form of the apex predator: the lycanthrope. Malar, god of lycanthropy, has guided the horde to pursue boar lycanthropy, and they sharpen their tusks in his honor.

After the party’s brief encounter with Vakgar and his herd, the Broken Tusks now appear to favor weretigers over wereboars, thanks to Meowser.

Vakgar the Tusked

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