Cleric of Sharess


Saasuri is a cleric of Sharess (goddess of cats and hedonism) originally from far to the south in Calimsham. Her modest temple is located within the much grander temple to Sune in Yartar, but she’s proud of how far she has come. Old scriptures say that Sune saved Sharess from a life of darkness, and in return, many devotees of the cat goddess feel compelled to help Suneites when they can. Perhaps this is why Saasuri gave her most valuable possession (a necklace of prayer beads passed down through the generations) to Thorik in exchange for their help in purifying the lamia-corrupted temple of Sune.

Saasuri is rarely seen without her best friend Vivacity, a leopard who accompanied her as a kitten from Calimsham. Her goal is to Awaken him so he can spread the good word of Sharess’s gospel (enjoying life at a leisurely pace and being good to those you care about) on his own.


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