Ronrik Sternhorn

9-year-old dragonborn baker-in-training


Ronrik Sternhorn is an easygoing, quiet nine-year-old red dragonborn and the younger child of the Sternhorn family. Ronrik’s family is from the (dystopian) farm town of Bryntal, and were simple farmers who led a quiet life. After the older teenage son Eshkis showed some druidic talent, the government of Bryntal retaliated by exiling Eshkis and sending Ronrik to work with the demon-baker imprisoned in the town mill. As it turns out, the demon was just a tiefling, and Ronrik has a knack for baking that makes up for his black thumb.

After Bryntal’s gates were opened following the removal of the tyrannical king, Ronrik and his father moved to the city of Daggerford to open up their own business and be with Eshkis. Ronrik is much happier with his new lifestyle, but misses Pyriel sometimes.

Ronrik Sternhorn

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