Aarakocra monk of Aerdrie Faenya


Meliphiras is a thoughtful, optimistic snowy owl Aarakocra who oversees the hidden monastery of Aerdrie Faenya, elven goddess of air, in the mountains between Stormfjord and Yartar. After the party saved the life of one of the monks, she gifted them with a Ring of Feather Fall, and showed them the monastery’s secret: a fledgling golden pegasus who will someday be the steed of Aerdrie. Assuming the party brings the Bridle of the North Wind back from wherever it has disappeared to, of course.

Meliphiras is reaching the end of her lifespan, but is content in knowing that the monastery is in good hands. She is remarkably patient, and has accepted that her mission may not be fulfilled in her lifetime. She tends to see the good in all beings, and that notion was reaffirmed when the adventurers helped her people so selflessly.


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