King Solero

Greedy deposed "king" of Bryntal


King Solero was once named Tristan, but rebranded himself as more important than the sun itself after founding the (dystopian) agricultural town of Bryntal. Armed with the strength gifted by a particular Arcanaloth, Solero came to rule Bryntal with relentless cruelty, outlawing druidic magic and arming his faithful guards with second-hand cantrips from his patron.

His unfortunately deceased brother (named “Zero” by the guards – I suppose we’ll never know his true name) explained Solero’s story to the party:

“Solero’s real name is Tristan. He is my brother. Tristan and I were originally homesteaders looking for a new place to call home with our wives. We found this plot of land that was extremely fertile, but before long, druids warned us that this site has been a site of powerful nature magic for many years, and kindly asked us to move somewhere else. They even offered suggestions. His wife refused, saying that civilization could not spread if every time it offended a tree it went home. Tristan agreed. The druids were nonviolent and returned to their caves, but warned us the wildlife was dangerous in this region due to the surges of druidic magic, but Tristan and his wife didn’t mind. They built a little home for themselves, but it was clear Tristan was uncomfortable. The forest was thick with all sorts of creatures — not a day went by without us having to clear giant badgers out of the basement, or chase off pixies who were plucking the grapes off the vines. He grew increasingly irritable. After a couple months, while his wife was clearing some brush, she was attacked and killed by owlbears. Tristan went into a bit of a frenzy about that, and ran off into the woods and started chopping down and killing everything he came across. I didn’t see him come home that night, but in the morning he came back and seemed somehow…different. He could do magic, and he could never do that before. He held me tight and promised me that we’d make this place safe for humans, make the land work for us and not the other way around. And then he started building this place. Or, rather, it started to build itself. I’ve never seen anything like it. And people started moving in immediately — it was a safe haven for anyone whose lives were disrupted by raiding orc tribes or great beasts. They simply couldn’t leave. I know this doesn’t excuse his actions, but… I suppose what I mean to say is: he’s doing what he thinks is right, which unfortunately involves the exploitation of this natural place. The sums of money he has made from agricultural exports is grotesque, and I think it’s his patron’s years-long influence has made him greedy and, well, a touch evil. Please, I recommend you leave, now.”

King Solero

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