Alaname Daventhall

Priestess of Selune/Werewolf Tamer


Alaname is nothing if not devoted. After her husband Andrew was cursed with werewolf lycanthropy about fifteen years ago, she sold off their substantial assets in the alchemical industry and slowly disappeared from Waterdhavian high society, obsessed with finding a cure. For her years of dilligence, the couple was rewarded with a treatment: a sierum that dulled the homicidal tendencies of the lycanthropy, but unfortunately also kept the individual in its beast shape for the duration. According to Alaname, much of the inspiration came to her after begging Selune (goddess of the moon and good-aligned werecreatures) for assistance, as some of Selune’s most prestigious clerics are lycanthropes themselves. She would never consider herself that worthy, however, given that her dedication to the goddess began only several years ago, and out of sheer necessity. She now harbors a warm, grateful fondness for the silent goddess who has helped revive some of her husband’s sanity.

The couple’s goals now are to further refine the treatment, and help other wayward lycanthropes during their travels.

Alaname Daventhall

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