Safety First

Session 27

Introducing: The Vampirate

Last night was rough for the crew. The gaping hole in the RV (which was caused by a fire lit by Scaldris, a local druid) has yet to be fixed, and now the party has to travel to a tucked-away temple known locally as The Crossroads. The Crossroads is a sacred place to water-worshipping folk, believed to cover an aquifer that connects to the river that carries souls to the afterlife. But according to Scaldris, who helped keep watch over the site, it had been corrupted by forces more powerful than his modest druidic magic could repel, and he turned to a more tangible power source to help: money. As it turns out, Iris’s Uncle and That Asshole Elf From Stormfjord were buying any mercenary they could to kill off the Safety First party, and in Scaldris’s case, they promised to help with the corruption problem too.

But the Safety First team got there first. The temple was halfway sunk into the ground, listing at an odd angle, and nearly every surface was coated in a caustic black tarry substance. THe party battled their way through dart traps, stagnant pools of undeath, and, strangely enough, vapire spawn, until they finally found the source of the corruption: the rapier of a cultist of Ghaunadaur embedded into the body of hydra, once the temple’s guardian. After slaying the many-headed goo beast, the party learns that the rapier belonged to someone named The Collector, who’d been trying it out at the temple like a new toy.

“Need a lift?”

The sacred river was ahead of them, and at the metaphorical helm they saw the giant fish-man they’d encountered while taking the barge from Yartar to Silverymoon. This was a marid, a powerful water djinn who specialized in ferrying mortal folks to and fro — that’s why he founded the barge business in Yartar, after all.

“Anywhere you’d all d like to visit? Any of the planes in the present, or anywhere on the material plane in your own past are fair game,” he said. Going to the future wasn’t an option, unfortunately; “My grandfather was a salmon — I’m better at swimming upstream than down.”

Kalesis chose to visit her own past, as her memory had been obscured (either by magical means, or straightforward trauma). She and her friends witnessed the attack on her pirate ship that left her entire crew dead and Kalesis within an inch of her life, and traumatic though the relived memory was, they finally saw who they were up against: The Collector, aka the Vampirate, Kalesis had his sword’s hilt, and he wanted it back.

Now they’ve got a half-mad blue dragon, two wealthy lackies, and a very angry vampire to deal with.



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